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Cupcake Menu

The minimum order is 12 standard cupcakes or 24 mini cupcakes (vanilla & chocolate only). We can incorporate any of the flavours below into your cupcakes requests for weddings, birthdays or other occasions.

Whilst we are happy to receive your orders at any time, please give 5 days notice to guarantee your order is ready when required - we get very busy at times.

To place an order please visit the Contact Page, email us at info@arrayofcakes.co.uk or call us on 07768 098072.

cupcakes tunbridge wells   

Banoffee Pie Cupcakes - From £1.90 per cake

A lovely moist banana cake infused with toffee, topped with buttercream and drizzled with a toffee sauce.

Carrot Cupcakes Tunbridge Wells   

Carrot Cupcakes - From £1.90 per cake

Our award winning carrot cake.  A beautifully moist cake filled with carrot, sultana's and lots of spice.  Topped with creamy buttercream (contains nuts).

Cupcakes Tunbridge Wells   

Mini Cupcakes - £1.00 per cake

Miniature cupcakes available in vanilla and chocalate - a bite sized piece of heaven.  (Miniumum order 24)


Vanilla Classic Cupcakes - From £1.70 per cake

Our most popular cupcake - a lovely light vanilla sponge topped with buttercream and sprinkles.  Visit our sprinkles page if you want to get creative.

Chocolate Cupcakes Tunbridge Wells   

Triple Chocolate Delight Cupcakes - From £1.75 per cake

A gungy rich chocolate sponge topped with a chocolate buttercream and chocolate sprinkles.

brownie cupcakes tunbridge wells   

Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes (nut or raisin) - £1.75 per cake

Our brownie cupcakes are to die for.  A gungy piece of heaven filled with either nuts or raisins, the choice is yours.

cupcakes tunbridge wells   

Coffee Cream Cupcakes - From £1.75 per cake

A luxurious coffee cake topped with a coffee cream and sprinkling of grated chocolate - perfect for your morning break.

cupcakes tunbridge wells   

Gooey Ginger Cupcakes- From £1.70 per cake

A lovely rich gooey ginger cake, topped with buttercream.

cupcakes tunbridge wells   

Orange/Lemon Delight Cupcakes - From £1.75 per cake

A lovely light sponge with a twist of either fresh orange or lemon, topped with buttercream and sprinkles.

cupcakes tunbridge wells   

Chocolate Orange Cupcakes - From £1.90 per cake

A rich chocolate infused with fresh oranges and filled with chocolate chips.  Topped with chocolate frosting and orange buttercream.

cupcakes tunbridge wells   

Mint Choc Chip Cupcakes - From £1.80 per cake

A light mint chocolate sponge with chocolate chips, topped with a green buttercream and chocolate chips.


Apple & Cinnamon Melt Cupcakes - From £2.00 per cake

Full of tender apple and warmly spiced with cinnamon, topped with buttercream and a blackberry - melt in your mouth.

cupcakes tunbridge wells   

Blueberry Burst Cupcakes - From £2.00 per cake

A light vanilla sponge crammed with blueberries, topped with a luxurious blueberry cream frosting.

cupcakes tunbridge wells   

Rocky Road Cupcakes - From £2.00 per cake

Chocolate, marshmallows and nuts - pure indulgence. Covered with a chocolate frosting, mini marshmallows, nuts and chocolate chips